Horizontal Drilling


Pipe Jack has now diversified into the horizontal drilling field utilizing both the Grundomat® Hammers and the Bor-It® tunneling machine instruments in order to carry out micro tunneling procedures for clients. Work for these types of machines has been carried out throughout South Africa and in all different types of soil conditions under the company with employees of over 10 years experience in the micro-tunnelling field.


Grundomat® Micro-Tunnelling machine


The Grundomat® machine can perform horizontal bores up to 30 meters in length, depending on the soil conditions in the area and requirements of the client. Compressed air creates a repeated action on the piston, which propels against the rear of the chisel head assembly point. This first compresses the pre-tensioned steel spring which forces the chisel head assembly forward independently, to provide a pilot bore. This same continuous force thrusts the main casing forward which leaves the desired hole for the pipe to be fitted. Various attachments can be placed on the front head of the machine to create a different size bore depending on the specifications of the client or engineer. As the hole is created, the desired pipe can then be inserted and connected for the required use. Currently, Pipe Jack has performed work for clients of bores ranging from 25mm up to 250mm in diameter.


Bor-it® Augering Machine


The Bor-it® Augering machine is designed to drill using auger steel rods of varying sizes. Both the heads and the steel rods are detachable and separate from the machine, meaning different bore lengths can be conducted according the engineering specifications as well as the clients’ needs. Currently, Pipe Jack has accomplished augering projects anywhere from 200mm up to 590mm in diameter. Lengths of bores have gone up to approximately 35 meters, yet the lengths can be extended using more steel auger rods. Line and level will also depend on the underlying ground conditions of the area to determine the accuracy of the auger.


Plastic Pipe Welding


In horizontal drilling practice, plastic pipes are usually inserted into the void created by the drilling machine for either water or gas connections; storm water diversion as well as cable insertion. To join these pipes, a welding machine is implored to weld the ends of the plastic pipes together creating one whole length of pipe long enough to fit through the desired drill hole. These pipes can then be fed into the hole and closed at both ends or left open depending on the requirements of the client.