Pipe Cracking

Pipe Cracking is a construction method used to break out old existing pipe and replace it with a new product pipe to the same existing levels. Pipe Cracking is usually utilized where excavating the surface is not a viable or suitable idea due to the existing surface infrastructure preventing excavation.

Existing surface infrastructure which may call for Pipe Cracking of existing pipes could be the following:

Roads or Highways


Super Passages or Farm Bridges (Over Canals)

Streams or Rivers

Under Buildings or Concrete Floors

Pipe Cracking is simply using a Pipe Cracking machine which is placed at the mouth of the existing pipe. The machine is usually attached to the product pipe which is to be inserted and pulled into place with the hammer machine. The Pipe Cracking machine will crack out the existing pipe or bust it out of the way, and pull into place the new pipe to the same levels. The new pipe is usually a HDPE pipe which has been welded together to form a continuous line of pipe with no joints which can detach from the machine.

Currently, we have conducted Pipe Cracking in many parts of the country, but only recently concluded big projects in Zuikerbosch pump station for Rand Water, whereby an existing clay pipe had to be cracked out of the way for new subsoil drains to be joined to it. This was conducted by use of manholes on either side of the existing surface structure.

Pipe Cracking can be used to crack the following pip0es out of the way:

Clay pipes

Asbestos Cement pipes

uPVC pipes

Thin wall concrete pipes (<375mm)

Pipe cracking can be conducted on pipes ranging in size from 50mm to 300mm.

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