At Pipe Jack Gauteng, we strive to uphold the views of current relations in the workplace and to uplift our employees to become more efficient, while working safely and more conscientiously. In the current state of the South African construction industry, safety and well being of all employees has to be put first and in order to make that possible, all employees are made aware of the current factors which are at risk and pose a threat to causing harm to anyone working in a particular situation.

The following factors must be understood and put across to all employees:

Prevention is better than cure

Always make sure employees take the necessary steps when conducting any construction activity

Applying Best Practice

Before carrying out any activity, take the time to understand what is needed and execute with a combined team effort from the employees on site. In this manner, all are aware of the risks involved and understand how to encounter an unseen situation

No PPE, No Work

All sites under the Pipe Jack Gauteng management take a strong lead to preventing injuries. This is conducted by having a strong policy to all employees that when arriving to site and not having the specified PPE, that employee shall be sent away until he/she has met the necessary requirement.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Pipe Jack Gauteng has carried out numerous construction works for communities all around the Gauteng area, especially upgrades to schools and smallholdings. These projects are not recorded for financial purposes, but merely to assist in the upliftment of the areas in which we are conducting construction activities.

Employee Social Responsibility




All employees of the company are sent for a medical check up once every 12 months to ascertain their health and competency to participate in site activities.

The following examinations are conducted to determine the fitness of an employee assigned to a site:

Physical, Spiro, Audio, Height Assessment, Psychological Assessment &Vision.




All employees are encouraged to get tested for HIV/AIDS once a year so as to determine their own status. The company acknowledges the impact of the disease in South Africa and constantly makes an effort to encourage all employees to be checked.

An employees’ status is completely confidential and the company will assist the employee in any way to help should they disclose the information to the company. This way, the employee will be helped to better manage the disease with respect to the necessary counselling and medication.


Safety, Health, Environment and Quality


Pipe Jack is fully committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for its employees in accordance with the Construction Regulations 2014, Occupational Health and Safety Act, No. 85 of 1993 as well as the National Environmental Management Acts.

In order to uphold compliance with the above mentioned Acts, audits are conducted on a regular basis to determine site safety and environmental regulations are being met. Apart from these audits, the following measures are also in place to assist with keeping a high standard of safety on site:

Daily Toolbox Talks, Daily Risk Assessments, NOSA Employee Training, 1 First Aider per site (20 or less employees) & Disciplinary Hearings.

Contact Person

For any queries on the company’s safety policies, please contact


Jose Panoias


Group Safety Officer