Pipe Jack Gauteng (Pty) Ltd

Has developed into a role player in the Pipe Jacking and Horizontal Boring Industry, which includes the construction of water, sewer reticulation and roads, with expertise of over 30 years in some of these disciplines.

While being registered with and complying with all applicable statutory requirements and regulatory authorities, Pipe Jack also belongs to the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) with a grading of 6CE/5SC, but we are currently looking at progressing to 7CE.

Pipe Jack is a level-2 BBBEE compliant company that prides itself in the upliftment of job creation, black empowerment and conducting business with wholly black-owned companies. We at Pipe Jack are for the betterment and advancement of the country of South Africa and to increase the construction industry’s image, not only in the Pipe Jacking field but throughout all facets of the construction industry.

We are leaders in our industry and at the current moment have already successfully completed over R 200 Million worth of work.

The company has established itself in the tunnelling industry over the past 15 years, based on the value system of:

Loyalty and integrity shown to clients,

Efficiency & on time delivery of projects,

Constant innovation and adaptation to projects,

Attention to detail ,

Delivering to expectations.

We operate in a changing and dynamic environment, which requires:

The ability to retain and attract competent staff,

To offer a solid and respectable service to clients,

Aligning ourselves to clients’ needs.

Pipe Jack’s mission is to provide tunnelling and engineering solutions to its clients, whilst maintaining a lasting relationship and enabling sustainable growth. We are committed to building a competitive organization with a sound value system through the following processes:

Consistently improving the safety and quality of our people and monitoring the processes that are put in place to assist them. Striving to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and delivering projects to their specifications

     Vendor Accreditation

The company is currently registered and accredited with the following companies:

Anglo Platinum

Eskom Holdings

CBI Electric

Rand Water Board

Pipe Jack has worked successfully with these companies and built up a strong relationship over the past 15 years, which has helped to gain more business and increase the companies long standing position in the jacking industry.